About Lucas Stoppele unique style

Every person has its own unique style that is different from everything else out there. Still, most of those styles can simply be described by other similar ones, like the industrial, modern, classic and many other styles out there. A person that is very passionate about their style will soon realize how important it actually is and that it actually cannot be changed. That way people will always know what pieces are yours and which ones were created by other artists. It makes a certain sense to have things that way, but many artists, like interior designers tend to develop their style over the time, which results in perfection.


Why Lucas Stoppele?

One of the most interesting and amazing young interior designers of our time is Lucas Stoppele. His creations might be quite different from what you are used to, but they are still useful. The geometric shapes and inspiration by nature makes Lucas Stoppele rethink what stability, strong structure and aesthetics mean and rewrite them totally. That is what makes him so special and why it is important that the designer is actually the one making their own products. It keeps him thinking about the way a certain object or product can be improved so it is actually worth the time they spend on it.


If you are looking for something to make your home special, then you should look for some designer objects. Those are quite interesting and will give you what you need from them, functionally and aesthetically. The best things to get from a designer are for sure sofas, chairs and carpets, since they are so unique and the designer have so much room to invent and make them special. The quality follows, of course, the only disadvantage is the price, but with time you will see that it was worth every penny.

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